Headache Medicine Fellowship

MGB Neurogenetics and Gene Therapy Fellowship

Brigham and Women's Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Harvard Medical School

Drs. Tanuja Chitnis and James Stankiewicz

Program Director:
Dr. Florian Eichler
Associate Program Director:
Dr. Vikram Khurana

The MGB Neurogenetics and Gene Therapy Fellowship is designed to provide training of clinically trained professionals who seek expertise in neurogenetics and gene therapy approaches to the nervous system and who have the potential to develop into productive, clinical investigators.With the number of gene therapy trials rising at MGB and across all of neurology, there is a need to train physicians on genomic analysis and approaches to gene therapy (ex vivo and in vivo gene therapy, ASO trials), with broad exposure to technology development, regulatory and safety aspects and trial execution. Training encompasses conversation with families and patients and optimizing communication on this next generation of therapeutics..

We expect that half of the fellows will become clinician investigators in the field of neurogenetics and personalized medicine, while the other half may pursue a career as clinical trialists and full-time clinicians.

Eligibility/Application Process

Candidates must be board-eligible in Neurology, have completed residency in good standing prior to the start of the fellowship, and have a strong interest in clinical research. Please send CV, a personal statement, and 3 letters of reference to the director of the fellowship program. The application can be mailed or emailed to:

Program Director

Dr. Florian Eichler

Associate Program Director

Dr. Vikram Khurana

Program Coordinator

Ginny Tosney-Trask