Adanced General Neurology Fellowship

Advanced General / Autoimmune Neurology Fellowship

Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

Drs. Tanuja Chitnis and James Stankiewicz
Program Directors:
Drs. Haatem Reda and Nagagopal Venna

We are proud to offer the Fellowship in Advanced General / Autoimmune Neurology Fellowship, a one-of-a-kind program, designed to produce a cadre of superb, confident, academically-inclined neurologists to care for patients with complex and unusual neurological disorders and to develop in our trainees the necessary skills for successful careers as clinician-educators in academic neurology.

This one-year program is structured for in-depth training across the broad spectrum of neurology to meet the needs of the patients with complex, changing neurological problems and disorders seen in academic, tertiary care referral hospitals. There will be several areas of concentration that are supplementary to those that trainees experience in currently established neurological subspecialties. The training is set primarily in the neurology outpatient clinic s but with relevant inpatient experience as well.

A cardinal goal of the program is in the training of clinician-educators who have the breadth of knowledge and clinical skills in Neurology to teach and train future generations of medical students, medicine residents, and neurology residents.

Program Directors

Haatem Reda, MD
Nagagopal Venna, MD, MRCP-I, MRCP-UK

Areas of Concentration

  • Neurological aspects of systemic diseases
  • Neurology of multi-system disorders
  • Immune-mediated and inflammatory neurological
        disorders, including neurosarcoidosis
  • Immuno-modulating anti-inflammatory and
        anti-infective therapeutics for neurological disorders
  • Neurology of infectious diseases, including HIV
  • Medical myelopathies
  • Evaluation and treatment of patients with complex,
        ill-defined, neurological diagnostic challenges

Eligibility/Application Process

Fellows should have completed approved residency training program in the United States or Canada and have interest and commitment for career in academic neurology.

Please apply by emailing a letter of intent and CV to Altrecia Henry, Neurology Education Programs Coordinator.

Program Coordinator

Altrecia Henry
(617) 643-9136

Visit the Advanced General Neurology Fellowship website for further information.