Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Fellowship

Combined Harvard Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders Fellowship

Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School

Drs. Tanuja Chitnis and James Stankiewicz
Program Directors:
Drs. Tanuja Chitnis and Mark Gorman

Fellows rotate through the Partners Pediatric MS Center at the Massachusetts General Hospital for 1-2 years (With Tanuja Chitnis MD), with additional rotations at Children’s Hospital Boston (with Mark Gorman MD) and the adult Partners MS Center Brigham and Women’s Hospital (with Tanuja Chitnis MD). Fellows will learn about pediatric MS, NMO and related demyelinating disorders (DD) and will build a knowledge base regarding MS, NMO and DD clinical care. Through exposure to adult MS patients they will understand the long-term consequences of MS, including pediatric-onset MS. In addition, fellows will be exposed to cases of autoimmune encephalopathy, opsoclonus-myoclonus and other neuroimmunological disorders. Fellows will participate in direct supervised MS patient-care and multidisciplinary care including a child psychiatrist, neuropsychologist, family counselor and nurse. Fellows will also participate in a research project tailored to their interests, through resources available within the program including a clinical database, ongoing neuroimaging and neuroimmunology studies, clinical trials and access to a national pediatric demyelinating diseases database.

This fellowship is GME accredited by the Partners Program.

Requirements: M.D. degree and completion of a U.S. or Canadian residency program in pediatric neurology or neurology.

Core Faculty

Tanuja Chitnis, MD
Mark Gorman MD
Leslie Benson MD
Taylor Saraceno, BSc (Program coordinator)
Taylor Saraceno, BSc (Program coordinator)

Eligibility/Application Process

Visit the Pediatric MS Center Fellowship website for further information.

Program Inquiries

For application submission and general inquires, please email Be sure to note ‘Pediatric Clinical Fellowship’ in the subject line.