Neurodegenerative  Clinical Research

Neurodegenerative Clinical Research Fellowship

Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women's Hospital, and Harvard Medical School

Dr. James Berry
Program Director:
Dr. James Berry

The Harvard/Partners Neurodegeneration Clinical Research (NCR) Fellowship is designed to produce experts in the field of neurodegenerative diseases and clinical research, with a particular focus on the clinical care and research of neurodegenerative disease, who will shape clinical research in these fields throughout their career.

The Neurodegeneration Clinical Research Fellowship training will occur via two major avenues: 1) Clinical Care training conducted primarily through mentored clinical encounters and supplemented by clinical conferences and individual study; and 2) Clinical Research training conducted through the experience of acting as a sub-investigator on at least one non-interventional research project and at least one treatment trial, as well as the development of one unique clinical research project with the careful support of a research mentor.

  • Fellows will focus on a neurodegenerative disease (or two closely
        linked diseases) to develop a clinical care and research expertise

  • Fellows will develop an independent research project over the course of the year

  • Fellows will work with clinical research mentors to take a leadership role on at least one treatment
        trial and at least one non-treatment clinical research study (eg biomarker discovery study)

  • Fellows will see patients in the relevant neurodegenerative disease clinics at
        Massachusetts General Hospital and/or Brigham and Women's Hospital

  • Fellows will work closely with a career development mentor to plan for a career as a leading
        clinical researcher in neurodegenerative disease

Eligibility/Application Process

Candidates must be board-eligible in Neurology, have completed residency in good standing prior to the start of the fellowship, and have a strong interest in clinical research. Candidates may have completed a one year neuromuscular fellowship or equivalent prior to joining this fellowship.

For more information on the Neurodegenerative Clinical Research Fellowship, and how to apply, please contact Program Director, Dr. James Berry, MD, MPH.

Program Coordinator

Altrecia Henry
(617) 643-9136

Visit the Neurodegenerative Clinical Research Fellowship website for further information.